bikeable Touring Workshops

'Cause you know you want embark on a two-wheeled adventure This Summer. 

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Join us for A Series that celebrates Bike Touring and helps you plan a bike overnight or multi-day trip, while making some new buddies Along the way.

Presented BY Gladys Bikes and Becky Newman of Makeshifter Canvas Works, participants will connect with other tour-curious cyclists and build the knowledge and confidence to embark on a two-wheeled adventure.


WHO is it for? 

WE AIM TO HAVE A DIVERSE GROUP OF RIDERS with varying levels of experience, all there to learn some tips, meet some pals and get inspiration to get out on the road this summer. THERE ARE NO AGE LIMITS. NO FITNESS TESTS. NO FASHION CONTESTS. ALL ARE WELCOME.

WHY: TRY SOMETHING NEW. MEET SOME OTHER FOLKS WHO RIDE BIKES. Get motivation to go on your first tour. get new ideas for your umpteenth tour. Why not?

WHEN IS IT and what will be covered?

All workshops held on Thursdays, 5:30-7pm at a city park (TBD).

Workshop #1 (May 4): Bike Touring 101

  • Buzz words demystified: bike touring, bikepacking, or bike camping?
  • Get comfy on your bike with fit tips from Leah
  • Learn what to bring and how to pack it
  • Tips for assembling gear on a budget

Workshop #2 (May 18): Route Planning + Bike Repair Pt. 1

  • Learn about the piles of navigation & planning resources available in the internet age
  • Play with route-planning & navigation tools
  • Three ride-to-camp weekend trips you can start from your doorstep!
  • On the road maintenance lesson #1

Workshop #3 (June 1): Packing Practice + Gear Swap + Bike Repair Pt. 2

  • Checkout bikes loaded up by experienced tourists
  • Mock-up your bike for your first trip
  • On the road maintenance lesson #2

How much?

$25, which gets you: 

  • Three weeks of workshops!
  • Snacks!
  • Discounts on gear from Makeshifter Canvas Works & Gladys Bikes!
  • Guest workshop leaders at every session!
  • A cool zine packed with doodles and infobits!

Where do I sign up?

Thanks for asking: HERE!

Questions? Email