You don't have to be a bike mechanic to ride a bike. We're here to help you keep your bike in tip-top condition.

But some of you want more. You want to feel the grease under your fingernails.  You want to hold the wrench.  So, due to popular demand, we're now offering a space for you to build your skills. 

Every Thursday from here on out, we'll opening up our doors to y'all to provide a time and space for you to come in to learn about how to work on your own bicycle! 

What: Open Shop Night
When:  Every Thursday, 6pm-8pm
Where: Gladys Bikes

To make the most of your time come in with a specific project or question in mind -- whether it be fixing a flat, lubing your chain, or replacing brake cables/housing, etc -- and we'll have a friendly and experienced mechanic on hand to answer your questions and help you gain the skills to work on your bike in a relaxed and welcoming environment. 

Hope to see some of you in the coming weeks!

bicycle diagram.png