In case you haven't noticed, we like semi-custom bikes. A lot. There's nothing quite like creating a bicycle from the frame on up around a person's body, goals, wants, needs and style.

Lately, quite a few people have been inquiring about an affordable Mixte style frame to build up into a special machine, and for good reason. A Mixte is great for folks who like easy access on and off a bike and for those who enjoy riding in a skirt, kilt or any other open-legged garment.

Well folks, we've got great news: The New Albion Starling (pictured below) is that affordable mixte you've been looking for and it has finally arrived! They are currently available as frame that are begging to be built up into your dream commuting, bike camping and city riding machine. Flat handlebars? Sure. Drop bars? Why not. Fenders and racks? A plenty. Plenty of shiny silver bits and a leather saddle? Of course. 

Even better news: We're confident that we can built up a killer semi-custom one for you for under $1000! Since we're so excited to get one of these built up, for the month of July we'll be offering a special deal for the first person who signs up to get one: $100 off the regular price.  If you've been wistfully imagining your dream bike, now's your time. Get in touch with us at if you're curious.