**UPDATE: The Road Curious Club has filled up for 2016. Sign up below to be added onto a wait list for this year, and stay tuned for more information about future dates.***


Want to Try road riding, but feel unsure about where or how to start? 

Good news: We're excited to roll out a new program at the shop this Spring, modeled after our popular 'Cross Curious Club, and creatively named the Road Curious Club: A training, support and social group for people who want to try road riding and racing, regardless of their level of knowledge, experience or speed.

The DetailS

Who can join? Anyone who wants to. There are No fitness tests, no age limits, no fashion contests...all are welcome!

Does it cost anything?  Yes. Club membership is $50

What does it include?

  • Classes Led by experienced riders and racers who are passionate about getting more folks out on the road 

  • 10% off parts, accessories and labor at Gladys Bikes during the duration of the Club

  • Affordable road bike rental opportunities at Gladys Bikes

What's the schedule? 

Class #1: April 10 - Intro to Road Riding

Class #2: April 17 - Group Riding Basics

Class #3: April 24 - Hills, Hills, Hills

Class #4: May 8 - Bike Handling and Balance

Class #5: May 16 -  Road Racing 101

Optional Race: Monday, May 23 for Monday Night at PIR Beginner race

What if I'm not sure my bike is the right kind of bike for this? Stop by or give us a ring if you're wondering whether or not your bike is road appropriate. If We decide together that it's not, we're offering $100 off all road bikes we sell for club members and also offering up a fleet of Liv Avail road bikes for rentals. 

What if I'm not in good enough shape? Turns out that riding bikes is a great way to get in better shape! There are no fitness tests for joining this club.

What if I don't have the right clothing/shoes/helmet/gear? Don't worry about that. We're glad to help you figure out what you do/don't need to get into road riding.

How do I sign up? The road Curious CLUB is FUll for 2016. Sign up below to add yourself onto the waiting list.


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