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Fall Sale

It's that time of year. Yep, it's sale time folks.

New rain jackets are super exciting. (That or Leah is just easily amused.)

New rain jackets are super exciting. (That or Leah is just easily amused.)

Throughout the the entire month of October all summer apparel -- including goodies from Moxie Cycling, Iva Jean and Shebeest -- will be 50% off.

And, as a rainy-day-but-trying-to-stay-dry special, when you purchase any wet weather apparel (jackets, pants, rain capes) you'll get 15% off fenders. 

50% of summer apparel! 15% of fenders with the purchase of wet weather apparel! Hooray!

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Happiness is a Daily Dose of Lateral Acceleration

One of my recent bike fit customers explained on his intake form that he bikes for "transportation, sanity." That makes complete sense to me. And probably to you. But why is it so hard to explain precisely why biking makes a person feel so good?

Does this question stump scientists just as does the mysterious physics of the bicycle itself? Luckily, I think we've got a hot lead on a good explanation.

His name is Slomo. He rides roller blades really slowly and has a theory about the relationship between happiness and lateral acceleration. He explains just briefly in this video how the forces of acceleration in his inner ear produce a feeling of expansiveness and joy, but one gets the sense that he'd be happy to tell you more.

As a cyclist, this strikes me as a confirmation of what I know in my (tiny ear) bones - that riding my bike makes me ridiculously happy. As a bike designer, it has me wondering if steering geometry can be optimized for lateral acceleration-induced joy. But as a human, I'm just thrilled that Slomo's got his slow roll on.



I'll Fit Your Cyclocarder Bike for a Pair of Mittens

No matter who walks in the door to my fit studio, by the time they are up on their bike, I have learned something fascinating. Sometimes it relates to the fitting; did you know that one of the dangers of being an environmental educator is that you can develop repetitive strain injuries in your wrists from puppet shows?!

But often enough, folks just bring in their smart, interesting selves and in the course of a few questions and answers I am gifted a glimpse of the world from an adjacent window.

This past weekend, it was the concept of a fibershed. Essentially, a fibershed describes the social and economic geography of how are clothes are grown, dyed, designed and fabricated. Awesome stuff if you are a fibernerd such as myself. My customer mentioned how a woman felted a wool vest by bike and thought I might like to check it out a little video in which this is mentioned.

Well, heck yeah! And you might as well.

Except for notions (buttons, zippers, etc), everything in Rebecca Burgess' wardrobe has been grown and designed within 150 miles of her home. But until putting her closet on a diet one year ago, nearly all her clothing was produced far from home, and that made her a very typical American.

I learned more about the woman who felts-by-bike here. Y'all might see me biking around this winter with a trailer full of wet soapy wool, hitting every speed bump at full tilt.



Busy Squirrels, Date Your Bike

Hello! My name is Natalie Ramsland, bike fitter at Gladys and owner of Sweetpea Bicycles. I'll be guest posting here from time to time. Having met so many of Gladys' fabulous customers, I feel like I'm in good company with you already, dear readers.

And now to what's on my mind this week.

(My bike is kind of a cheap date.)

(My bike is kind of a cheap date.)

You may be a bit like me. You might love fall and all the new routines it brings. You put new batteries in your bike lights, re-fasten the fenders, perhaps sign up for the Bike Commute Challenge… it all just gives your bike so much purpose.

But as I pedaled back from an afternoon errand today, I noticed the early-autumn smell of dry grass and overripe tomatoes. I heard the crunch of the first crispy leaves under my tires. I saw the industrious squirrels doing their thing. (Public Service Announcement: watch out for crazy squirrels!) It was all so lovely that I realized that I shouldn’t forget to date my bike. To ride for the sake of all that you can appreciate when you aren’t being so ever-lovin’ productive together.

I plan to take my bike on some dates this fall, and I invite you to consider doing the same. A few of my favorites:

  • A trip to a ‘cross race. There are plenty of local races that are fun to ride to, whether your are cheering or racing.
  • A picnic at Chapman to watch the swifts is a low-key way to spend the evening. This is Portland's answer to "walks on the beach"
  • A ride up Saltzman (if your bike is feeling frisky) is one of my favorite ways to experience total leafy immersion in the fall

And if you happen to have a special person in your life, you might invite them along. Just don’t tell them that they are the third wheel.



A Sweet Little Deal

A few weeks back we started to talk about consigning some used bikes here. We decided that if we did it we'd have to make sure that the bikes were something we could stand behind, bikes we'd be excited to pair with a new owner, bike that make sense for women's bodies. 

And then, low and behold, this pretty little number showed up at our door. Meet our first consigned bicycle...

All the sexy details:

Sweetpea Bicycles First Edition Farmer's Market

Designed for bike activist, feminist, publisher, writer extraordinaire Elly Blue (who happens to be about 5'1") as a machine that could take on daily commuting, as well as weekend trips, bike moves, and even longer road rides. Comes equipped with custom built racks by Ahearne and hand built wheels by Sugar Wheels Works (back when they were still Epic).

Price:  $2395

Frame: Steel with fender and rack mounts, relaxed road/light touring design

Geometry: 46 cm center to top, 51 center to center actual, 27.5 inches/70cm stand over height

Wheels: 26" Velocity Synergy rims with 105 hubs 

Racks: Custom, hand built, color-matched front rack by Joseph Ahearne, optional matching rear rack 

Drive train: Shimano 105 2x10

Brakes: Tektro R556

Headset: Chris King 1" threadless

Stem: Thomson 90mm

Handlebar: 36cm Salsa Poco, short reach

Saddle: Comes with Saddle Library card ($25 value) so you can choose the one that perfect for you

Curious? Stop on by. Test rides are welcome and encourage. In the meantime, here are some more photos for you to drool over.

Ahearne rack, ooh la la.

Ahearne rack, ooh la la.



Welcome to Gladys, Liv

I'm incredibly excited to share that starting this August Gladys Bikes will be a dealer of Liv Cycling USA! So, why all the excitement?

- Liv is a new, stand-alone brand from Giant Bikes that is focused exclusively on making rad bikes for women, by women.

- All too often "women's" bikes are just slightly smaller versions of the "men's" models, perhaps covered in a bath of floral patterns, and then rounded out with a downgraded build spec. This is a brand that takes women and their bodies seriously. The bikes are not only designed with sizes and geometry that makes sense, but their component choices are rock solid too. Also, they seem to get that there are more colors in the rainbow than pink.

- Liv has a huge range that respects everyone from the new rider to the certified bike nerd. From a $640(!!) entry level Avail road bike, to a legit Brava 'cross bike complete with all the fixin's and just about everything above, outside and in between, they've pretty much got something for everybody.

Be on the lookout for some Liv bikes to start landing on the shop floor within the next week or so. In the meantime, for more info on their bikes check out: http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bike-finder/women/allcategories/?level=all





The Starling is here!

In case you haven't noticed, we like semi-custom bikes. A lot. There's nothing quite like creating a bicycle from the frame on up around a person's body, goals, wants, needs and style.

Lately, quite a few people have been inquiring about an affordable Mixte style frame to build up into a special machine, and for good reason. A Mixte is great for folks who like easy access on and off a bike and for those who enjoy riding in a skirt, kilt or any other open-legged garment.

Well folks, we've got great news: The New Albion Starling (pictured below) is that affordable mixte you've been looking for and it has finally arrived! They are currently available as frame that are begging to be built up into your dream commuting, bike camping and city riding machine. Flat handlebars? Sure. Drop bars? Why not. Fenders and racks? A plenty. Plenty of shiny silver bits and a leather saddle? Of course. 

Even better news: We're confident that we can built up a killer semi-custom one for you for under $1000! Since we're so excited to get one of these built up, for the month of July we'll be offering a special deal for the first person who signs up to get one: $100 off the regular price.  If you've been wistfully imagining your dream bike, now's your time. Get in touch with us at hello@gladysbikes.com if you're curious.



Basic Maintenance Classes!

Looking to gain some basic maintenance skills? 

Join us for our monthly Basic Maintenance Series on Wednesdays from 7pm-8:30pm!

Each week for four weeks we'll tackle a different subject, including the following: bicycle parts identification & cleaning, brakes, shifting and flat tire repair. 

Every month we'll offer the same four classes so you can come four weeks in a row, to a different class each month, or to the same class every month to brush up on your skills until you're a pro. 

July Schedule

Wednesday, July9: Fix a Flat- Step by step instruction on how to patch or replace a tube and deal with roadside flat tires.

Wednesday, July 16: Brakes 101- We'll cover basic brake adjustments, how to know when it's time to replace your brake pads and how to install new pads. 

Wednesday, July 23:  All About Shifting- Tips and tricks to get the most out of all your gears while riding, and basic maintenance for your shifting systems.   

Wednesday, July 30: Intro to Wheel Truing- No experience necessary! Come learn some tips and tricks for keeping your wheels aligned and smooth-rolling.

More info at: http://gladysbikes.com/maintenanceclasses/



Grand (re)Opening Week!

Come celebrate the grand re-opening of Gladys Bikes at our new location at 2905 NE Alberta Street!

When: Saturday, June 7

What time: 4pm-7pm

- Delicious treats and drinks from neighboring businesses

- Great deals (see below)

- Photo booth for portraits of you and your bike

- Raffle to benefit Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc (tickets are $5 each) with prizes from: Sugar Wheel Works, Sweetpea Bicycles, Queen Bee, Rad Finishes Bike Painting, Bitch Media, Elly Blue Publishing, Zuzu Salon, Po Campo, One Thousand Spokes Acupuncture, Wind Blox

Hope to see you there!

Also, leading up to the party on the 7th, we'll be offering a FULL WEEK OF DEALS:

Tuesday, June 3: FLAT FIX DAY. Free flat repair coupon with any purchase over $25

Wednesday, June 4: COMMUTER DAY. 10% off locks, lights and Ortlieb panniers

Thursday, June 5: HAPPY BUTT DAY. 10% off Terry and Selle Italia saddles 

Friday, June 6: NEW BIKE DAY #1. 5% off all in stock Papillionaire Bicycles

Saturday, June 7: WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS DAY (AND PARTY DAY!). 10% off products from all the women-owned businesses we carry, including: Elly Blue Publishing, Cleverhood, Double Darn, Po Campo,Iladora Apparell, Moxie Cycling, Anhaica Bag Works, Sweet Spot Skirts,bird industries, Iva Jean, Rivet Cycle Works, Velocio, Vespertine, Good Ordering and Dring Dring

Sunday, June 8: NEW BIKE DAY #2. Cookies, lemonade and 5% off all Bianchi Bicycles



Bike Move: Recap

On Saturday, May 3, 2014 about 70 folks showed up to help us move by bike to our new location at 2905 NE Alberta. 

Thanks to everyone who made it out to help and thanks to our pals at Cleverhood, Terry Bicycles, Niche Massage and Ristretto Roasters for donating food and prizes for our volunteers!

Photos by Christie Spillane, www.christiespillane.com. Click on the photo below to view the full gallery.



Bring on the celeste!

When I first moved to Portland I found myself bike-less for a brief period of time. Fortunately, my friend Julia graciously loaned me her 1980's Bianchi steel road bike to use until I found one of my own. 

It was love at first ride for me. I loved the down tube shifting, I loved celeste color, I loved how speedy it made me feel, I loved how it felt to ride. It was on that bike that I first explored Portland's streets by bike, that I went on my first Pedalpalooza ride, that I went on the first date with my fella... I fell in love with this city on that bike. 

It's for that reason, among others, that I'm incredibly excited to share with you all that when we re-open later this month Gladys Bikes will be Portland's newest dealer of Bianchi Bicycles. Bring on the celeste!

Welcome to Gladys, Bianchi!

Welcome to Gladys, Bianchi!



Gladys Bikes' Bike Move

We're movin' by bike!

We are unbelievably excited to be moving to a bigger, brighter and more accessible space this month. But, before we can get excited about setting up the new space, we need move out of our current one. We are planning to move most of the shop by bike and we wanted to invite you too. 

Why are we moving by bike? First and foremost, because it will be fun. Moving can be kind of a drag, but based on other bike moves we've participated in, moving by bike turns a frustrating and tiresome experience into fun event. It's a good chance to meet new people, help out a friend, get some exercise, show off your sweet bike, and be a part of something pretty neat. Also, this is an opportunity for Gladys Bikes to practice what we preach: Bikes are great for exercise and for sport, but they can be much more than that. They're transportation; they're recreation, and they have the capacity to cultivate communities and sustain neighborhoods. A move by bike really represents all that. So, without further ado, here are the details:


Saturday, May 3, 2014, 11am-2pm. We'll meet at the current Gladys location at 11am and head out from here. 


3808 N Williams Ave to 2905 NE Alberta Street 

Answers to anticipated FAQs:

  • You don't need a trailer to participate. Trailers are going to be useful to move some bigger items, but there's plenty of smaller items that need moving too. A rack on your bike would be helpful, but even a backpack would be great! 
  • There will be coffee and donuts at our current space, and delicious food (vegan and otherwise) upon arrival. 
  • Yes! There will be prizes and a raffle. I'll be giving away a free fit ($100 value), a Cleverhood rain cape ($260 value) and a Terry saddle ($110 value) to a few lucky winners.
  • It's a 2 mile ride. There's one major(ish) intersection to cross at MLK and Going, but other than that the ride will be incredibly mellow, almost entirely flat and on wide, low-car bikeways throughout.
  • Please do invite your friends. The more, the merrier!
  • Yes, you can indeed participate even if you don't own a bike! We have bikes that need to be moved and it would be great to have people ride them over.

We hope to see some of you there!

xo, The Gladys Bikes Gang

p.s. Curious to learn more about moving by bike? Check out How to Move By Bike by the unstoppable Steph Routh.  




Saddle Library Late Fee Policy

Be sure to bring these babies back on time. Please.

Be sure to bring these babies back on time. Please.


We want you to have the time to check out all the saddles and find the right one, really we do. However, as the saddle library gets more and more popular and the waiting lists to try certain saddles grow, we have to be stricter about getting the saddles back on time.  So, for every extra day you keep the saddle without calling/emailing in advance to give us a really good excuse and asking very nicely for an extension, you will be charged $5. These late fees will not be counted towards the price of the saddle.  



April Yoga: Hip Help




When: Sunday, April 27, 10am - 11:30am

Where:  Gladys BIkes

Cost: $10 sliding scale (no one is turned away)

RSVP:  Space is limited to 8 participants. Please RSVP at hello@gladysbikes.com

Bonus! Purchase Pedal, Stretch, Breathe The Yoga of Bicycling by Kelli Refer from Gladys after yoga and get a complimentary yoga journal.



Welcome to town, Papillionaire

All papillionaires.jpg

We're serious about our manifesto.  We mean it when we say that if you tell us what you want, we'll listen.  And we heard from you time and again that you were looking for an affordable, and attractive bike to ride around the city that wouldn't break the bank.  Enter, Papillionaire Bicycles. 

Papillionaire (a riff on the Latin word for butterfly, Papilio) is a new bicycle company founded by a brother and sister team in Austrailia and based in Brooklyn, NY that offers beautiful, strong and smart vintage-style bicycles.  We're proud to be Portland's first dealer.

Why we love them:

  • Every bike is equipped with a color-matched rear rack, chainguard and fenders, a bell and kickstand.
  • All are internally geared, which makes for a cleaner, more reliable and lower-maintenance city riding experience.
  • All frames are lugged and made from Cro-Moly steel.
  • They come with high quality components: Shimano hubs, Tektro dual pivot brakes and leather grips.
  • They look as good as they ride. And sometimes that matters just as much.

We are currently stocking the following models. Stop on by for a test ride sometime!

1. The Classic ($600)- A sleek diamond-style frame with mid-rise handlebars and 3-speed Shimano internal gearing.

Currently available in Black only. Look out for more colors to come this summer...

Currently available in Black only. Look out for more colors to come this summer...

2. The Mixte ($600-800)- A mixte (pronounced 'mixtee' or 'meext' depending on how French you want to sound) is a frame style that lies between a traditional diamond-shaped frame and a full step through, providing the perfect balance between strength, efficiency and style. Available with 3 or 8-speed Shimano internal gearing.

Available in Cream, Navy and Olive.

Available in Cream, Navy and Olive.

3. The Sommer ($600)- An upright dutch-style bike that's equal parts comfort and beauty. With 3-speed Shimano internal gearing.

Available in Red, Light Blue, Sea Foam Green and Cream

Available in Red, Light Blue, Sea Foam Green and Cream


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Goodbye Williams, Hello Alberta

In May Gladys Bikes will be moving to 2905 NE Alberta St!

Navy or Gold? Still trying to decide what color to paint our new storefront. Email your suggestions to hello@gladysbikes.com 

Navy or Gold? Still trying to decide what color to paint our new storefront. Email your suggestions to hello@gladysbikes.com 

Secrets are hard. Especially ones that make you so happy that all you want to do is scream from the hilltops and tell everyone you know. And so, we're incredibly excited that the time has come for us to stop keeping secrets and share that as of May 2014 Gladys Bikes will be moving northeast to a bigger, street front location 2905 NE Alberta Street. Our cozy little space on Williams has served as a perfect 'starter home' for the past few months, but the time has come for us to grow into a larger space.  And we couldn't be happier. 

Gladys will be sharing the building with cork wine shop which will re-open soon with a new layout and will feature bottles from Viola Wines, a new urban winery. The owner of cork and Viola, Darryl, is an avid cyclist who has traveled wine regions in Italy, France, Spain and Northern California by bike. We think he will add some helpful insights to those of you that want to learn about touring wine regions while sipping great wine!

We're thrilled to be moving onto such a vibrant street and active community, and are especially looking forward to being closer to our friends at the Community Cycling Center, down the street from our pals at Sip, a block away from The Sugar Cube (dangerous!), a hop-skip-and-a-jump from our favorite dress shop, Amelia, and in the mix with a slew of other great, locally-owned businesses. We think it's a perfect community for us to settle in to as we begin to expand our offerings: Three cheers for more bikes, more clothing that's made to fit our bodies and more fun events!  We think you're going to love it too.

Gladys Bikes will continue to operate out of 3808 N Williams until the end of April, so be sure to visit us here in the meantime and stay tuned for info about the upcoming bike move (SAVE THE DATE: May 3), a moving sale and grand (re)opening party!

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NEW SADDLE: Brooks Cambium C17

The Brooks Cambium has received a lot of hype.  And it lives up to it.

Cambium C17s pictured next to the B17s

Cambium C17s pictured next to the B17s


  • No break in period -- ready to ride out of the box
  • Waterproof with no maintenance needed
  • Made of vegan and organic materials
  • Flexible materials makes for a comfortable ride
  • The canvas is grippy -- you don't slide around on it


  • For Brooks leather purists: It's not leather and doesn't have a break in period that results in the saddle conforming to your body over time.
  • If currently is only available in one model the C17, which is somewhat racy.  By that, I mean that it feels like it would be best on bikes where the rider is in a more aggressive, forward-leaning position rather than more upright, around town' bicycles.

Who this would be good for:

  • People who ride ride bikes that put them in a more forward-leaning position. This won't be great for an upright city bike, but would be great on a road or touring rig.
  • People who have always wished that a vegan-friendly Brooks saddle existed.
  • Those who have always wanted a Brooks saddle, but not wanted to deal with the break-in period.
  • Folks who are looking for something low-maintenance. This saddle is waterproof and requires no on-going care (a la leather saddles). 

Curious? It's available to try out as a part of our saddle library. Come on by and take it for a spin.  


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Spring Cleaning Sale!

Saturday March 8th - Saturday March 15th

Out with the old so we can bring in the new!

  • 50% off all bags and accessories

  • 50% off clothing

  • 30% off fenders 

  • 25% off floor models semi-custom bikes

  • 25% off helmets 

  • 10% off all service 



Shoulder Help Yoga

Yoga for Bike Riders: Part Three

The third in our series of beginning yoga for bike riders classes, this one will focus on yoga poses that benefit the shoulders. Through a serious of stretches and gentle backbends we will bring new flexibility and strength into our hard-working shoulders! This 1.5 hour class includes a relaxation phase and a short meditation. Welcome all!

When: Sunday, March 23, 10am - 11:30am

Where:  Gladys BIkes

Cost: $10 (sliding scale, cash only)

RSVP:  Space is limited to 9 participants. Please RSVP at hello@gladysbikes.com

BonusPurchase Pedal, Stretch, Breathe The Yoga of Bicycling by Kelli Refer from Gladys after yoga and get a complimentary yoga journal.



Dress Like Your Bike

You are cordially invited by Quick Study Clothing & Gladys Bikes to Dress Like Your Bike!

When Opposites Attract: Caitlin McCall of Quick Study and Leah Benson of Gladys Bikes both wearing the  24 Hour Dress .

When Opposites Attract: Caitlin McCall of Quick Study and Leah Benson of Gladys Bikes both wearing the 24 Hour Dress.

When: Wednesday, Feb 12, 7-9pm

Where: Gladys Bikes

You know that thing where people kind of look like their pets? Well, we think the same is true for bikes. That’s why Quick Study and Gladys Bikes are throwing a party to celebrate the unique style shared by you and your ride!

Dress Like Your Bike on Wednesday February 12 and cruise by Gladys (3808 N Williams, Suite 132) from 7-9pm for bubbly, snacks, and a free formal bike portraits for the first 24 RSVPS from Shot by Shola.*

Whether you ride a spotless custom gem that you’ve spent ages fine-tuning or the splatter painted Huffy you got for your 11th birthday, don’t you think it’s time your bike didn’t have to wait for you outside? We know you already have an outfit.

One lucky person/bike pair in attendance will win a $50 Quick Study / $50 Gladys Bikes gift certificate package!  Winner will be selected and announced on 2/14/14 via Facebook and Instagram.

*To sign up to get your portrait with your bike, head over the to Facebook event page and post a short description of your bike.