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Goldie (aka the Soma Buena Vista)

goldie 2.jpg


Even the word is beautiful. 

Internet bicycle-guru Sheldon Brown defined a mixte (pronounced 'mix-ty' in English, 'meext' for the Francophiles) as a "frame in which the "top tube" consists of a pair of small diameter tubes running more-or-less straight from the upper head lug, past the seat tube, and on to the rear fork ends." But truly, a mixte is so much more. It's a bike that's at once elegant and efficient. It's clean and distinctive. It's feminine and strong. It's versatile and unique.

In the past decade mixtes have regained popularity, with several bicycle manufacturers now making their own versions.  Most of these new mixte are built up as city bikes that are lovely and quite comfortable, but often heavy and on the slower side, best taken out for short (1-3 mile) rides.

However, the Soma Buena Vista mixte frame we used to build up this bike is not your average mixte.  This frame is designed to be lightweight, stable and speedy means. This mixte is versitile - - it can be built up just as well with upright bars and a rack as it can with drop bars and fast, lightweight wheels. 

Some details about the bike as pictured:

  • Nexus 8 Speed Internal Hub with thumb shifter
  • Gorgeous, lightweight and strong wheels hand-built by Sugar Wheel Works
  • A trusty kickstand
  • 650B wheels to minimize toe overlap and maximize room for fenders 
  • Lovely cork grips, for comfort and style
  • Velo Orange handlebars that find that perfect balance between comfort and efficiency
  • Shiny and beautiful silver parts to give the bike an extra shot of class 
  • Also, in case you didn't notice, it's gold. Swoon.

The Soma Buena Vista is sold only as a frame set, not as a complete bike. This means that this bike can effectively be whatever you want it to be.  Speed machine? Sure. Grocery-getter? Definitely. Light touring rig? Why not! The sky is the limit with this one.

C'mon in to take this floor model out for a test ride and then begin dreaming about your very own semi-custom build



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Sara and Sally

Our first semi-custom bicycle has left the building.  Here's her backstory. 

Meet Sara:  A former baker, current professional quilter and all-around talented gal from Washington.  Sara grew up riding bikes, but only recently got back into riding through competing in triathlons. And then the bike bug really bit her.  

She decided that she loved her light weight racing bike, but that she also wanted a bike that could do a bit more. She wanted a bike that she could ride to and from work, a bike she could load up with panniers and take camping, a bike she could take grocery shopping, a bike that she could make a part of her everyday like.  

And also, she wanted something that was unique.  A bike that not only fit her riding needs, but also her body and her personality.  A bike that you couldn't just buy off the shelf.   

Meet Sally (the bike): A light-touring and commuting bike that's equal parts personality and functionality. 


Sara and Sally

Sara and Sally

Here are some of the features that make her such a unique gal:

  • Custom painted Surly Cross Check frame and fork
  • Silver components to give it a more 'vintage' look
  • Short reach brake levers to accommodate smaller hands
  • Narrower (38cm) handlebars, with a shorter reach to fit a smaller body  
  • Smooth and dreamy Brooks women's leather saddle
  • Generator lighting with a gorgeous and lightweight Schmidt SON28 front hub
  • Hand-built wheels by Sugar Wheel Works 

But, it's more than the components and build specs that make her so special.  It's the way that her green paint job sparkles in the sun. It's the gel-lined cork handlebar tape that provides just the right about of class and cush. It's the bird-shaped water bottle cage that you can't help but smile at. It's the bell that produces the perfect 'ding'. It's the knowledge that no one else on the road has anything like it. She's a one of a kind, just like her owner.

Sally in all her green glory. Photos by Thanks Bruce! 

Sally in all her green glory. Photos by Thanks Bruce! 

Interested in getting your own semi-custom bicycle built?  Drop us a line at Let's talk.