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NEW SADDLE: Brooks Cambium C17

The Brooks Cambium has received a lot of hype.  And it lives up to it.

Cambium C17s pictured next to the B17s

Cambium C17s pictured next to the B17s


  • No break in period -- ready to ride out of the box
  • Waterproof with no maintenance needed
  • Made of vegan and organic materials
  • Flexible materials makes for a comfortable ride
  • The canvas is grippy -- you don't slide around on it


  • For Brooks leather purists: It's not leather and doesn't have a break in period that results in the saddle conforming to your body over time.
  • If currently is only available in one model the C17, which is somewhat racy.  By that, I mean that it feels like it would be best on bikes where the rider is in a more aggressive, forward-leaning position rather than more upright, around town' bicycles.

Who this would be good for:

  • People who ride ride bikes that put them in a more forward-leaning position. This won't be great for an upright city bike, but would be great on a road or touring rig.
  • People who have always wished that a vegan-friendly Brooks saddle existed.
  • Those who have always wanted a Brooks saddle, but not wanted to deal with the break-in period.
  • Folks who are looking for something low-maintenance. This saddle is waterproof and requires no on-going care (a la leather saddles). 

Curious? It's available to try out as a part of our saddle library. Come on by and take it for a spin.  


1 Comment