What:  A support, training and social group for people who are curious about racing cyclocross.

Who: a diverse group of Riders. There are no age limits. No fitness tests. No fashion contests. All are welcome.

Why: Try something new. Meet some other Folks who ride bikes. Get muddy. Have fun. Repeat.

—— The Basics ——

The ‘Cross Curious Club is a training, community and support group for people who want to give cyclocross racing a try while making some friends in the process.

The idea to start it came from a small group of folks who wanted to try racing cyclocross, but weren’t sure where to start with training and wanted a supportive community to ride with — and so here we are, trying to create that community! This club is about giving you the riding skills to try cyclocross, but just as much about having fun and offering social support.

—— The Organizers ——

All rides and clinics will be led by non-binary, women and/or trans riders with varying levels of experience so that you can learn from a bunch of people with a bunch of different riding styles.

—— The Structure ——

The ‘Cross Curious Club will meet on Tuesday evenings, August 13- September 10. See below for the full run down.

—— The Participants ——

You, hopefully! The club is gender inclusive and open to all.

Experience/Fitness: Turns out that riding bikes is a great way to get in better shape! Also, there are no fitness tests for joining this club. All are welcome. 

Bikes: One of the best things about cyclocross is that you can participate using a variety of different kinds of bikes -- you don't need one that is expressly designed for cross racing (though it will definitely make things faster/easier). Stop by or give us a ring if you're wondering whether or not your bike is 'cross appropriate. If not, we're offering 10% all 'cross bikes we sell for club members AND we'll have Liv Brava SLR cyclocross bikes available for rental. 

(Please email if you have any questions about whether or not this would be right for you - )

—— The Cost ——

The registration fee is $50* and includes:

Classes taught by experienced riders (see below for full schedule)

  • Special rates on bike rentals

  • Discounts at the shop over the four weeks of the club

  • FREE entrance into your first PDX Trophy Cup Race

  • And (most importantly) snacks at practices

*We’ve done our best to keep costs low to participants, but understand that this is not accessible for everyone and so we do have some full and partial scholarships available. Please get in touch if you’d be interested in learning more about these!

—— How do I sign up?  ——

More questions? Email for all the answers.

Practice Schedule

Week #1- August 13- 6pm

Topic: Introductions, Overview + Mounting and Dismounting

Location: Irving Park

Week #2- August 20- 6pm

Topic: Barriers (and how to get over them)

Location: Irving Park

Week #3- August 27- 6pm

Topic: Handling Hills and Corners

Location:  Irving Park


Race Day: Trophy Cup Opener on Tuesday, September 3

Location: Portland International Raceway

If you're not up for racing yet, this is also a great time to just come out to spectate and see a race in action!


Week #4- September 10- 6pm

Topic: Race Recap, Questions and Cheering 101!

Location: Portland International Raceway