Because no saddle, no matter how fancy, cushy or expensive is going to feel good if it's not fit appropriately for your body and your bike. 

What: During these one-on-one sessions you'll meet with one of our Saddle Specialists to talk about the particulars of your saddle situation, learn more about your body's unique needs, try out several saddles and then get the saddle set up in the best position for your bike and body. 

Cost: $30 for a 30 minute session with one of our Saddle Specialists

Who this is appropriate for:

  • People visiting from out of town who want to learn more about what saddle would be appropriate for them, but aren't able to participate in the Saddle Library. 
  • Folks looking for a faster way  to discover which saddle is "the one". The Saddle Library  is great, but it takes time -- there's no way around that. If you don't want to spend weeks testing different saddles and coming back here every week to return them, this might be a good option. 
  • Riders who want to ensure that their saddle is in just the right position. This gives us time to learn more about your body and and make precise adjustment to your saddle height and placement so that it supports your body as best as possible. 
  • People who'd like a bit more individual attention. This gives us plenty of  time to talk about the ins and outs of your particular discomfort and really get to know your body so that we can make the best recommendations possible. Also, let's be real: In order to talk about saddle comfort, we need to get personal. These sessions allow us to talk more in depth in a more private setting. 

What happens during the sessions:

  1. We'll sit down to talk about your experiences in the saddle; what you like/dislike, pain or discomfort you're experiencing, riding goals etc.. 
  2. Then we'll put your bike in a trainer and measure sit bones and pressure points using the Liv Dynamic Fit  System. 
  3. After that we'll use what we've learned about your body to make saddle recommendations and swap out different ones for you to try out.
  4. Once we find one you like we'll adjust its fit -- making sure that your saddle height, fore/aft placement and tilt is set up to best support your body. 
  5. You'll then ride off into the sunset more educated about your body's saddle needs AND more comfortable on your bike.  



Liv/ Giant Dynamic Fit Saddle

Liv/ Giant Dynamic Fit Saddle

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