We proudly carry Surly, Liv, Kona, FARADAY + TOKYOBIKE



Why we love them:

  • Liv is a new brand focused exclusively on making rad bikes for women, by women.
  • All too often "women's" bikes are just slightly smaller versions of the "men's" models, perhaps covered in a bath of floral patterns, and then rounded out with a downgraded build spec. This is a brand that takes women and their bodies seriously. The bikes are not only designed with sizes and geometry that makes sense, but their component choices are rock solid too. Also, they seem to get that there are more colors in the rainbow than pink.
  • Liv has a huge range that respects everyone from the new rider to the certified bike nerd. 
Alight 2.jpg

2017 Avail Disc SL 2- *ON SALE!* $925, Regularly $1025 (Sizes Available: X-Small and Large) This bike is a total dream -- the perfect bike for women who are looking to get out and the road and ride! A lightweight  aluminum frame, paired with a carbon fork, that’s built specifically for women riders. From short training rides to long days in the saddle and even speedy commuting, its comfortable endurance positioning and easy handling keep you in control. Shimano Tiagra equipped with TRP Spire disc brakes.

2018 Thrive $970 With hydraulic disc brakes, tubeless ready tires and a comfortable, yet efficient riding position this flat bar road bike creates the perfect combination for security on open roads and city riding, while a lightweight design and the right gearing deliver speed, fun and comfort.

2017 BeLiv City- *ON SALE!* $800 Regularly $980 (Sizes Available: X-Small and Medium) A versatile bike that's ready for your commute, but also your weekend on-road or gravel adventures. The step-through frame is designed for ease getting on and off the bike, and comfort when riding with a dress or skirt. Comes fully equipped and ready to go with fenders, a rear rack, and kickstand. Also, it's matte black with purple hubs, and that sure ain't bad!

2018 Alight City- $540  With its lightweight and durable  frame and upright flat-bar positioning, the Alight is comfortable enough for a daily commute, but also agile and sporty for longer rides on the weekends. Comes fully equipped and ready to go with fenders, a rear rack, kickstand and even a sweet little bell. An excellent deal!


Why we love them:

  • This company takes themselves seriously enough to make excellent quality bicycles, but not so seriously that they can't play and have fun with what they do. And that comes through in the bikes: They are seriously fun to ride.
  • Their frames come in a WIDE range of sizes, from 38cm to 62cm, making it such that even the shortest and tallest riders can find one that fits.
  • These are bikes that are strong, sturdy and powerful; they are meant to be ridden in all weather and conditions and are ready for whatever you throw at them.
  • Surly bikes are known for their versatility. Want to swap out your drop bars for flat bars? Sure, why not. Want to add on another rack? Great! Want to get wider tires? Definitely. These bikes make for great canvasses to customize your dream ride. 

We are currently stocking the following models: 

Straggler- $1545 Looking for that one bike that can do pretty much everything from touring to gravel to cyclocross to commuting? Look no further. This bike is ready to be set up with fenders, racks, baskets and whatever else you need for commuting, touring, camping, gravel riding...and whatever else you want to do with it. As an added bonus, it's available in extra small sizes (38cm!) and it's smaller sizes come with 650b wheels to minimize toe overlap and maximize ride quality for shorter riders. Thanks Surly! (Available in Glitter Indigo or Gloss Black) 

Flat Bar Cross Check- $885 Looking for a bomb-proof city bike that can also handle a loaded up camping trip on the weekend? Look no further. This sleek, steel-framed bikes is one of the most comfortable, versatile, high quality and affordable bikes out there. Bonus: It comes with a rack! (Available in Gray or Cream.)


Why we love them:

  • They're a small, independent bicycle company founded in 2002 in the quiet Tokyo suburb of Yanaka.
  • They only just made their way over to the USA in 2016
  • The bikes are based around the concept of 'Tokyo Slow'-- these bicycles are designed to explore the places we love and call home.
  • With a tokyobike, it is as much about the journey as the destination.

We are currently stocking the following models:


Classic ($825)- The tokyobike Classic Sport is an 8-Speed city bike meant for nimble movement through congested urban streets.

Bisou ($695)- With a broad range of seven gears, this laid back bike is still capable of a whole lot! This is a unisex bike, suitable for anyone who prefers a leisurely, comfortable ride. The Shimano Trigger Shifter system allows for simple and efficient gear shifting and this bike is especially well-suited for baskets and carriers. 


Why we love them:

  • These bikes are designed in the Pacific Northwest and it shows -- all of the bikes are built smartly spec-ed and ready to go anywhere you can imagine taking them no matter what elements you may encounter. 
  • Kona produces a HUGE range of bikes that includes everything from the perfect hybrid for commuting to, a slew of 'cross bikes, a ton an of awesome mountain bikes and everything in between. While we can't stock everything they have to offer, we can special order any model at the drop of a hat!
  • This is company that clearly knows how to have fun. As it should be. 

We are currently stocking the following models:


Coco ($699) - The right amount of style with all the utility any city commuter could want. The lightweight aluminum frame makes it swift to ride and easy to pick up, and the simple 1x9 drivetrain keeps maintenance to a minimum. Comes equipped with fenders and ready to have any configuration of racks and baskets you can imagine. 

Sutra ($1399) - A classic steel touring bike, with all the accoutrements you’ll need to set out on your dream trip. The Brooks B17 saddle and Shimano drivetrain are complemented by the confidence-inspiring disc brakes and puncture proof touring tires. Whether it’s a weekend out of town or a summer on the open road, the Sutra is your ticket to freedom. 

Dew Plus ($699) - The perfect hybrid for Portland Daily commutes and weekend rides. This aluminum frame has all of the fender and rack mounts you could need to load up and stay dry. Comes equipped with 24 gears, hydraulic disc brakes and plenty of style.

Rove DL ($1099) - This bike is such a great deal! The lightweight aluminum Rove DL is ready for pretty much anything -- commuting, gravel riding, light touring.... This is that 'One Bike That Does Everything' that so many people are in search of.  Comes ready to roll with disc brakes, a compact, but borad gear range, fenders and puncture-resistant tires.


Why we love them:

  • The design-conscious folks at Faraday make electric assist bicycles that are attractive, well spec-ed, well-priced, practical and FUN to ride. 
  • The company was born after winning a design bicycle competition in Portland called Oregon Manifest. How cool!
  • Finally! An e-assist bicycle that doesn't look like an orthopedic shoe or ride like a tank!
  • They offer several frame designs and options. While we can't stock them all, we can easily order and build up any configuration of their bicycles. 

We currently stock the Cortland S ($2500):

cortland s.png


Cortland S