A saddle can make or break a ride, make your bike your best friend or your worst enemy.  We're here to help you find one that supports you in all the right places and makes you want to ride.

Welcome to the Saddle Library.


How does it work?

Step 1: Come into the shop and talk with our knowledgeable staff about your saddle needs and concerns. We'll make recommendations about which saddle(s) might be a good match for you.

Step 2: For a Downpayment of $25 you get a Library Card, which gives you unlimited access to check out any of the saddles in our loaning library. For each saddle you check out you get one week* try it out on your bike. If you decide to purchase one of the saddles you've tried, your $25 goes straight towards the price of the saddle.

Step 3: Take the saddle home with you. Go on a typical ride. Then go on another one. Maybe one more for good measure. How does it feel?  Decide if it's the saddle of your dreams. 

Step 4:  Dream saddle? Bring the test saddle back in and we'll trade it out for a brand new one. Not a love match? We'll get you set up with different saddles for you to take home and try out until you find your saddle soulmate. 

Which saddles do you have?

We aim to have diverse line-up of saddles in stock to accommodate many types of bodies and riding styles, with an especially extensive collection of saddles that are designed to fit women's bodies. See below for a list of what we currently have on hand. We are regularly adding new saddles into our library so let us know if there are any saddles we don't have that you're curious to try out.  

Saddle Key:

  • * = Best seller
  • Y = Designed for male anatomy
  • X =  Designed for female anatomy
  • XY = Not designed specifically for male or female anatomy
  • V = Vegan


FLX- A narrow, lightly padded, slim-profile saddle that has a complete cutaway front to back for added comfort and flexibility. Leather cover. (X)

Falcon X and Y- Has a larger and longer cutaway than the Butterfly or FLX saddles, and an inverted v-wing in the rear to provide a greater degree of flexibility and relief to the tailbone. Fairly narrow, lightly padded overall with an elevated rear. (X, Y, *)

Butterfly- Wider in the rear than typical race saddles for good support of a woman's sit bones; completely cut away through the nose and mid-section, making it flexible and comfortable. Carbon and Titanium rail versions have a leather cover. (X)

Terry Liberator X and Y- Recommended for a slightly more upright riding position than the Butterfly/Falcon/FLX. Has a wider contoured rear, larger cutaway and more padding than those models. (X, Y, V, *)

Terry Cite X and Y- Designed for those who ride nearly upright with lots of weight against the saddle or those who have significant lower back pain. Has a completely seamless, heavily contoured top with a large cutaway. (X, Y, V)

Sella Italia

Ldy Gel Flow- Narrow nose and mid-section for leg clearance, wider rear end for sit bones support.  Center cutout, silicone gel inserts and elastomers for shock absorption. Leather cover. (X, *)

Diva Gel Flow- Similar in overall shape to the Ldy, but the cutout has a different width and shape. Leather cover. (X, *)

Man Gel Flow- Wider at the rear than many road bike saddles, this saddle features a gel lined cutout, differentiated-thickness padding and a full grain breathable leather covering. (Y)


Deva HP Pro- Similar to the  SLT, but with gel inserts for extra cushioning comfort, and a leather cover. (XY)

Pure V Race- Recommended for mountain and long distance riding. Long, with a low nose, to prevent snagging. Has a “whale tail”. (XY, V, *)


Brooks saddles rely on tensioned leather (instead of padding) to give a comfy, springy ride. Over time the shape of the leather will mold to the rider, meaning the saddle becomes more comfortable after a couple of hundred miles. The saddle can be easily re-tensioned later in its life.  The designation “s” on a Brooks saddle means a shorter nose, which is recommended for most women. 

B17 + (s)- The B17 model has been in production for over 100 years. It is wider than many racing saddles, but still often used on drop handlebar bikes. (X, Y, XY, *)

B17 + (s) Flyer- The Flyer models add two coiled springs to the B17 to absorb more bumps and road shock.  (X, Y, XY)

Brooks B67 + (s) - A wider saddle for a more upright riding position. Features a textured surface to prevent sliding around, and two coiled springs to absorb bumps and road shock. (X, Y, XY, *)

Cambium C17 + (s) - A saddle from Brooks that utilizes rubber and fabric instead of leather. Designed to fit similarly to a B17, but requires no break-in period and is waterproof. This saddle won’t change shape or flexibility over time. The surface has more texture, which can help prevent the rider sliding around. Also, the rails allow the saddle to be positioned further back than other Brooks models. (X, Y, XY, V)

Selle Anatomica  

Titanico- A tensioned leather saddle that uses “Watershed” pre-treated leather that requires no break-in period, and has a cut-out for extra comfort. This model is not recommended for riders over 160lbs. (XY, *)


Aliante Gamma- Has a narrow, flexible carbon-reinforced shell and a dipped nose. A racing saddle for less flexible riders. (Y, V)

Vitesse HP- Medium stiffness racing saddle, fairly flat profile but designed to conform to your shape over time. (X, V)

Vitesse Tri- Additional padding over the Vitesse, with a flatter seamless nose. (X, V)

Vesta- Similar shape to the Vitesse, with modifications designed for women, including more padding and a pressure relieving center channel. (X, V, *)

Arione- Lots of fore/aft room. A popular racing saddle for flexible riders in an aggressive position. (Y)

Arione Donna- Designed for women, a stiff saddle with a slightly wider rear than the Arione and a pressure relieving center channel. (YX



We want you to have the time to check out all the saddles and find the right one, really we do. However, as the saddle library gets more and more popular and the waiting lists to try certain saddles grow, we have to be stricter about getting the saddles back on time.  So, for every extra day you keep the saddle without calling/emailing in advance to give us a really good excuse and asking very nicely for an extension, you will be charged $5. These late fees will not be counted towards the price of the saddle.