Join us on the second Thursday of each month for a relaxed basic maintenance class that will help you learn how to keep your bike moving and prolong the life of all the parts on your bike.  The main focus of this class will be, flat fixing and cleaning + lubrication, but (as always) we're happy to answer any other questions you have -- wanna know how to adjust your brakes or change your pedals? We'd be happy to help you out with that too. 


April 12 at 7pm

May 10 at 7PM

June 14 at 7PM

Please RSVP to  Free and open to all.


Join us on the last Tuesday of each month to go on a bunch of first (saddle) dates in 1 night. Get one-on-one time with many saddles in one night so you can QUICKLY see which one you have an interest in investing in for the long haul. Talk 1:1 with our Saddle Librarians about what you're looking for in a saddle and we'll help you pick out up to saddles to try for some quick rides. And then -- because no saddle, no matter how pretty, expensive or aerodynamic-- will feel perfect if it's not set up properly, after you find your saddle love match you'll get a FREE quick fit with Gladys. During the quick fit we'll dial in your seat height and position to make sure it's set up to support your body as best as it possibly can.



UpComing Saddle Dates:

APril 24 at 7pm - Special ERGON Edition! MOre details here.

May 29 at 7PM

June 26 at 7PM

Space is limited to 4 participants so that you get our full attention and the quality time you need with your saddles. 

To reserve your spot email with your date preference.


Disc brakes 101

Want to learn more about your disc brakes? Perhaps how to tell when you need new brake pads? Or how to adjust squealing rotors? Join for a class that's all about demystifying disc brake adjustment and maintenance for both mechanical and hydraulic systems.


thursday, April 5, 7-8:30pm

Reserve your spot here!

 Class registration is $20 and classes are limited to 4 students.