A saddle can make or break a ride, make your bike your best friend or your worst enemy.  We're here to help you find one that supports you in all the right places and makes you want to ride.

Welcome to the Saddle Library.


How does it work?

Step 1: Come into the shop and talk with our knowledgeable staff about your saddle needs and concerns. We'll make recommendations about which saddle(s) might be a good match for you.

Step 2: For a Downpayment of $25 you get a Library Card, which gives you unlimited access to check out any of the saddles in our loaning library. For each saddle you check out you get one week* try it out on your bike. If you decide to purchase one of the saddles you've tried, your $25 goes straight towards the price of the saddle.

Step 3: Take the saddle home with you. Go on a typical ride. Then go on another one. Maybe one more for good measure. How does it feel?  Decide if it's the saddle of your dreams. 

Step 4:  Dream saddle? Bring the test saddle back in and we'll trade it out for a brand new one. Not a love match? We'll get you set up with different saddles for you to take home and try out until you find your saddle soulmate. 

Which saddles do you have?

We aim to have diverse line-up of saddles in stock to accommodate many types of bodies and riding styles and carry models from: Brooks, Terry, Ergon, Specialized, Fizik, Selle Anatomica, Selle Royal, WTB and Giant. 





We want you to have the time to check out all the saddles and find the right one, really we do. However, as the saddle library gets more and more popular and the waiting lists to try certain saddles grow, we have to be stricter about getting the saddles back on time.  So, for every extra day you keep the saddle without calling/emailing in advance to give us a really good excuse and asking very nicely for an extension, you will be charged $2. These late fees will not be counted towards the price of the saddle.