You deserve a bike that fits your body and feels good to ride.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what bike you ride and where you’re going with it, our fit services are designed and priced to be accessible to broad range of people and riding styles with the ultimate goal of helping you get more comfortable, efficient and just plain happy on your bike.


Meet Your Fitters

Natalie Ramsland

Natalie Ramsland

Looking to get a better idea of which if the bikes we sell could work for you or your needs? We're always here to help you learn about our bikes here. No appointment necessary, but always feel free to get in touch with questions!

*All other fits are by appointment only*

Comfort FIT - $50

This budget fit works with your bike as it is to fit it best to your body with the parts it already has by adjusting seat fore/aft, seat height and handlebar placement. Not feeling *quite* comfortable, but don't want to spring for a full fitting? This is a great place to start. If during or after your fit you decide you want to upgrade to a more comprehensive fit, the price of the comfort fit can go towards that. (45 min)

Mollie Futterman

Mollie Futterman

BASIC FIT - $120

This full body fit includes a consultation about your riding habits and physical condition followed by a complete analysis and adjustment of your bicycle, including: seat fore/aft, seat post height, stem length and height, and handlebar width and placement. Note: You must have your own bicycle to bring in for this fit. (1.5 hours)



This comprehensive fit includes everything in the Basic Fit, plus a full analysis and adjustment of cleat placement. Note: You must have your own bicycle to bring in for this fit. (2.5 hours)


Sizing FIT - $180

This fit is for people who are in search of the perfect fitting bike, but don't yet have it. This fit is for folks who are getting a semi-custom bike or want an in-depth analysis of what new stock bicycles will best fit their body. We do a comprehensive interview and physical assessment and then do a complete analysis of your body in order to make recommendations about frame geometry and measurements for a bike that will fit your body perfectly. (3.5 hours)


All fittings except The Comfort FIT come with six months of free follow-up appointments. 

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