We are a full-service bicycle repair and sales shop that specializes commuting, touring, cyclocross and recreational bicycle sales, finding the perfect saddle for your body/bike, semi-custom bicycle builds that fit like a glove, approachable, affordable and reliable bicycle repair, and the friendliest service around. We are a women, trans* and femme focused space, but are equally welcome of all people. You fit in here; we promise. 

We hope to see you soon!

Our Manifesto

You fit in here. We promise. We’re women-focused, not women-only. We aim to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable in our shop.

We understand that preferences are personal. We promise to never assume that you like the color pink or floral patterns based on your gender alone.  But, we’ll also think it’s awesome if you do.   

We support you where you’re at and help you get where you want to go.  We respect the knowledge you come in with, and we’ll support you in learning just as much as you want.  Want to learn (or already know) how to fix a flat or trim your derailleur? Great! But, we’ll think you’re just as great if you don’t.

We're interested in you, in all your uniqueness, not in stock sizes or labels. We understand that bodies, unlike many bicycles, don't come in stock sizes, and that people, unlike many products, don't all wear "mens" or "ladies" labels. We’re here to help get you on a bike that fits you -- your body, your personality and your lifestyle.

Tell us what you want and we’ll listen. We’re a woman-owned business. But we don’t think that alone makes us the authority on all things women. We’re committed to asking and learning. We promise to continue to grow and evolve based on what we hear from you.

Frances Willard learning to ride Gladys.

Frances Willard learning to ride Gladys.

Our Name

Gladys (pronounced glad-iss) is the name of a bicycle that was owned and ridden by Frances E. Willard in the 1890s.

Frances Willard was a turn of the century women's suffragist and feminist who taught herself how to ride a bike at the age of 53 as an example of women's capacity to do anything, at any point in their lifecycle. She believed that the simple act of riding a bicycle could help women gain confidence, claim their independence and be seen as equals to men in skill and ability. We believe the same to be true today. 

Read more about Frances and Gladys here and here and here

Do you have to be a woman to come here?

We are equally welcoming of people of all genders; it's our goal for everyone to feel comfortable walking in our door and exploring their love of bikes. True, we are committed to locating and offering products (especially clothing and bicycles) that fit women's bodies, but we are not a women-only space. In fact, most of the products we sell are completely gender-neutral (ex: locks, lights, bags, supplies, helmets, components, service, repair, etc) and we have almost as many "men's" saddles in our library as we do "women's".