I never really loved my rain pants. It was a relationship of convenience. Okay, you could say I used them for their durable water repellancy,  but in my defense they were really not bringing much to the relationship. I'd pull them out during the heavy spring rains, only to lament how sweaty-wet wasn't really any more fun than rainy-wet. Or, I'd pack them along in those uncertain days of early fall, only to find myself wondering, mid-downpour, if it was worth stopping by the side of the road to fiddle with my shoes and cuffs and pull them on.

Our time together was just marked by too much friction. You know what I mean?

So, when I first met the Cleverhood Rain Cape, I was smitten. I saw a future me that was drier and more fashionable. I saw a one-piece, throw--it-on-over-anything groove. I saw the words "Electric Gingham" and knew that basic black would never again be enough for me.

In the early days that the Cleverhood and I spent together, I wondered if my love for rain capes would only to prove proportionate to the disappointment of muggy rain pants.  But we've been through some stormy times now, and I can say with certainty that the rain cape has never let me down.

I suspect that everyone thinks their love story is unique. Enough about mine. I'd be happy to introduce you to your very own Cleverhood here at the shop.

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