I love a science fun fact almost as much as I love to share them. Today's fun fact is this:

Our sense of taste is connected not only to our sense of smell but also to how our ears hear. Nerves running through your ear called the Chorda Tympani connect the taste buds on the front of your tongue to your brain. So it is possible to damage your ears and have your donuts taste funky. Or even more awesome??

$20 each, but more delicious as a baker's dozen.

$20 each, but more delicious as a baker's dozen.

Which brings me to something else that I'm excited to share. We've got donut bike bells. Treat your bike, and your ears, and Portland's bikeways to the sweet, sweet sounds of donut. 

(We also have border collie, speedometer, and octopus bells, each tangentially relevant science fun facts, I'm sure!)