Remember back in July when we said we got nominated for an award? 

Let's pretend I'm not hold the award backwards in this photo, ok?

Let's pretend I'm not hold the award backwards in this photo, ok?

Well, we won! So, we can now officially call ourselves the Best Women-Focused Shop in the USA! (according to the folks at Interbike, at least)

The goal of opening up this shop has never been fancy trophies or important-sounding accolades and we definitely still have a lot of room to grow and improve, but I must say, it feels pretty darn great to be recognized and appreciated for all of the work that we have put into making this shop a place that serves and resonates with so many folks -- especially within our first year of business. 

That said, I also want to take a moment to recognize some of the amazing work that other women-focused shops around the country are doing:

  • BFF Bikes in Chicago has a great racing team that reaches out to many women and helps to draw attention to the sport of women's cycling, in addition to operating a rad shop. 
  • Pedal Chic in South Carolina is a trailblazer and an inspiration -- the first women-focused shop in the country -- admirably active in their community and obviously passionate about all that they do.
  • The Unlikely Cyclist of Orange County is always reaching out to new roadies, and has a seemingly never-ending list of rides for women to join in on.

And beyond the shops that officially call themselves women-focused, there are so many other great ones in the country that are doing a great job at serving women and people of all genders. Let's keep it up, folks! 

Also, I want to offer a HUGEBIGENORMOUSNEVERENDING thank you to the staff here:

  • Jim Ashley-Walker, Gladys' lead mechanic and the most amazing combination of talent, precision, humility and kindness all rolled up into one person. Thanks for providing our customers with top-notch service and making this place what it is, Jim. 
  • Natalie Ramsland, Gladys' in-house bicycle fitter, co-owner and framebuilder at Sweetpea Bicycles, big ol' brain filled with knowledge that she's always willing to share with customers. Thanks for all that you've shared, with customers and the shop alike. 
  • Ashley Mitchell, mechanic, workshop leader and head plant water. Thanks for quietly making shit happen, and making it look easy. 
  • Amanda Lee Harrison, mechanic and salesperson, and the newest addition to the Gladys team. Thanks for already helping to spread the cheer, fill our brains with ideas and keep the enthusiasm going!
  • Gladys Advisory Board. Y'all keep this place interesting and relevant. Thanks for your support. 

And finally, thanks to all of the customers, friends and family who have supported us from the beginning and who remind us every-single-day why we love what we do. 

Here's to many more years!



p.s. Did I mention that in addition to the shop winning an award I got the chance to meet my style icon, Gary Fisher? BEST. DAY. EVER.