Once upon a time two bike shops fell in love...and then they went ahead and fell in love with a third bike shop. 

This is their story.

Many of you may remember that last year Gladys Bikes fell in love with another bike shop, Kenton Cycle Repair

Well, over the year our love has only grown, and so have our hearts such that there was room for yet another bike shop in our lovefest, Cat Six PDX. 

So, why on earth would three bike shops in relatively close proximity choose to promote each other's shops? Well, beyond the fact that we all just really like one another, we decided that collaboration is way more fun than competition. 

In that spirit, on Valentine's Day our three shops (along with some friends) will be taking to the streets to give out Valentine's gifts to about 200 lucky bikes, and also through the end of February whenever you purchase something from one of our shops, you'll get 10% off at the others. Why? Because we love you too.


Gladys Bikes, Kenton Cycle Repair and Cat Six