Dear women, trans and non-binary pals- 

You like riding bikes? How about eating pizza? What about having fun?

Cool! We like all those things too. And fortunately our friends at Surly Bikes do too. And so we're excited to team up with those fine folks at The Official Intergalactic Surly Regional HQ for an evening dedicated to riding bikes, eating pizza, having fun and celebrating y'all -- women, trans and non-binary folks who ride bikes, that is.

Here's the plan: 

Meet at Gladys Bikes at 6pm on Tuesday, June 19. We'll head out from there on a leisurely ride, ending up on Mt Tabor, where there will be pizza waiting for us. 

BONUS: All bikes are welcome, but folks who ride their Surly bikes will have the chance to win some extra sweet Surly prizes. So, get that lovable steel monster of yours ready to roll! 

Sound good? Good. See you there.