What:  A support, training and social group for people who are curious about racing cyclocross.

Who: We aim to have a diverse group of Riders. There are no age limits. No fitness tests. No fashion contests. All are welcome.

Why: Try something new. Meet some other Folks who ride bikes. Get muddy. Have fun. Repeat.


Does it cost anything?  Yes. Club membership is $50.

What does the money go towards?

  • 10% off any cyclocross appropriate bike at Gladys Bikes
  • $20 off a pre-race tune-up
  • Special club rates on parts and bike rentals
  • Classes taught by experienced riders
  • And (most importantly) snacks at practices

What if I don't have a cyclocross bike'? One of the best things about cyclocross is that you can participate using a variety of different kinds of bikes -- you don't need one that is expressly designed for cross racing. Stop by or give us a ring if you're wondering whether or not your bike is 'cross appropriate. If not, we're offering 10% all 'cross bikes we sell for club members AND we'll have Liv Brava SLR cyclocross bikes available for rental. 

What if I'm not in good enough shape? Turns out that riding bikes is a great way to get in better shape! Also, there are no fitness tests for joining this club. All are welcome. 

Do I have to commit to racing the entire season? Nope. This is about giving cyclocross a try, not committing your soul to it. After our first race together, some will likely continue racing more, some might just continue cheering for them and choose not to race again. It's entirely up to you.

How do I sign up? Space is limited to 20 participants. To join, email Leah at leah@gladysbikes.com. 

Practice Schedule

Week #3- September 15- 6pm

Topic: Handling Hills and Corners

Location:  Irving Park


Week #4- September 29- 6pm

Topic: Full Practice Course

Location: Creston Park

Week #1- August 25- 6pm

Topic: Introductions, Overview + Mounting and Dismounting

Location: Irving Park


Week #2- September 1- 6pm

Topic: Barriers (and how to get over them)

Location: Irving Park


Race Day: Cross Crusade Season Opener on Saturday, October 8

Location: Alpenrose Dairy

Weekly Rides

In addition to bi-weekly practices, starting on last Monday of August and ending the first Monday of October we'll be leading weekly Monday gravel rides in Forest Park to practice hills and handling skills on unpaved terrain. Meet at the Thurman gate entrance to the park at 6:00pm and we’ll ride together from there. All are welcome -- regardless of if you participate in the 'cross club or not.